Key Personnel

KrisKris Gaal – President and CEO (founder)
Employee since: 2004

T: 1-855-378-3015 ext 103

Role: Managing day to day business and company growth.
Background: Heavy equipment mechanic, Heavy equipment/Heavy Truck operations since 1998
Experience: Vast on site experience with large site remediation projects managed up to $10,000,000+. Managed, supervised and worked on site on various excavations and remediation since inception of the company and prior. Capable of scoping, managing, completing and overseeing difficult excavations, indoor, deep open pit, large building underpinning and demolition as well as large tank farm decommissioning’s. Kris’s role in the company is ultimately to ensure client and employee satisfaction while maintaining healthy growth and business development in all aspects.



JordanJordan Huszczo – Operations Manager
Employee since: 2010

T: 1-855-378-3015 ext 100

Background: Jordan has been involved with the company as a part time employee (equipment operator and heavy truck operator since 2006.) Deciding to join the team full time in 2010 with his experience in project and business management. Jordan spent years on site learning the business, operations, materials, clients and was quick to learn and be a solutions provider when we made the decision to appoint him business operations manager in 2012. Jordan’s day to day tasks comprise of: project overview, project planning and quotations, laying out job materials, schedules, costing and dealing with the crews and clients to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely at all times.




Brett Smith – Field Operations Manager
Employee since: 2008

T: 1-855-378-3015 ext 107

Background: Brett has numerously completed many successful projects ranging from $5000 to $5,000,000 and always are done on time, on budget with total client satisfaction. As managing job sites Brett’s main focus is to ensure client satisfaction, staff safety, company efficiency and ultimately ensuring each project is being completed properly, on time and on budget. Brett is responsible to select the various staff members for each project ensuring the right people with the right experience are on each site. His experience comprises of many excavation projects, indoor excavating, foundation underpinning, building demolition, remediation, UST and AST tank removals and well as his previous experience in excavating, concrete and landscaping.



BrendaBrenda Gaal-Administration Manager
Employee since: 2005

T: 1-855-378-3015 ext 106

Background: Brenda has been with the company full time since 2010 but helped out part time since the inception in 2005. Brenda’s daily roles include accounting, administration and book keeping.



TomTom Pusey – Lead Site Foreman
Employee since: 2012

T: 1-855-378-3015 ext 101

Background: Tom has a keen eye for quality. Coming from residential and commercial excavating – Having a eye for quality to keep the customers happy is Tom’s speciality. He is a great crew leader to ensure everything is carried out safely, on budget, on time and managed in a way all parties are left with a easy feeling knowing someone is in charge of their property or project whom cares. Since joining in 2012 Tom has countless hours in all type of excavating equipment plus his experience with equipment operation prior helps as he bring his knowledge of technical and tactical excavating to each and every project. Tom has successfully managed underground tank removals, excavations, demolitions, indoor tight area excavations, parking lot reconstructions, grading as well as various bio pile management projects.