KG Services provides comprehensive site remediation measures for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal clients and property owners Ontario wide. We successfully remove impacted soils and other environmental concerns to keep you and your community safe. From large-scale excavations to specialized indoor remediation, we handle every job with utmost care and professionalism.

What You Need to Know About Site Remediation

Every job is different, and our specialists will first thoroughly analyze the situation to determine the best approach. We can work with you the owner and or have much experience working with environmental and structural engineers to ensure everything is done to Ontario standards. We carry the right equipment to handle any remediation task, whether large or small. Site remediation can include the following:

  • Industrial, Commercial, & Transportation-based property cleanups, remediation, & demolition.
  • Hydro transformer station cleanup & removal
  • Facility decommissioning & demolition
  • Fuel dispensing cleanups, tank removals, & decommissioning. Removal of any underground storage tanks.

We can expertly handle both specialized and general excavation, grading, and aggregate work. Our custom equipment includes excavators, loaders, skid steers, bulldozers, and other specialized machinery. With every job, our goal is to completely remove or neutralize all traces of pollutants and contaminants from your site for the health and safety of everyone present and generations to come.

Our Site Remediation Process

As environmental remediation specialists, we’ve developed an effective process for taking care of cleanups. Our staff is highly trained on chemical safety, waste regulations, safe operation of tools and equipment, and first aid. We take safety seriously. Customer satisfaction and value is also another leading element in our company’s continued success.

Environmental Site Remediation is our main business focus and speciality. Our dedicated team of qualified and experience professionals have completed numerous successful projects in Site Remediation, In-Situ remediation, Bio Remediation, Ground Water Treatment, Ex-Situ Soil Removal as well as total property clean up multi phase remediation projects through out Ontario.

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